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1 noiembrie 2011

Dark HuntersJulian Alexander, Julian of Macedon
Book 1: Fantasy Lover
Family: wife, Grace Alexander; brother, Priapus; mother, Aphrodite; children, twins, Niklos James and Vanessa Anne and two other children, son and daughter (have yet been named in the series)
Designation: Immortal, Demigod
Notes: was entrapped in a book as punishment and was to serve as a sex slave to whomever summoned him/ bestfriends with Kyrian

Kyrian Hunter, Kyrian of Thrace, Greek General
Book 2: Night Pleasures
Family: wife, Amanda Devereaux; daughter, Marissa; son, Nicholas Jr.
Designation: Immortal, human
Squire: Nick Gautier
Notes: bestfriend with Julian/mortal enemy, Valerius; Val's grandfather killed him

Talon, Spier of the Morrigantes, Celtic Warrior
Book 3: Night Embrace
Family: wife, Sunshine Runningwolf
Designation: Immortal
Squire: Nick
Notes: bestfriend, Wulf;

Zarek, of Moesia, former Roman Slave
Book 4: Dance with the Devil
Family: Wife -Astrid, justice nymph. Brother - Valerius. Son - Menecaeus (Bob)
Designation: Immortal, God
Notes: bestfriend, Sundown/the son of the Val's father and a slave/frequently brings his son over to Vane's place to play with Trace

Wulf, the Viking
Book 5: Kiss of the Night
Family: wife, Cassandra Peters; descendant, Chris Eriksson; brother, Erik (deceased); son, Erik; brother-in-law, Urian
Designation: Human
Squire: Chris

Vane Kattalakis
Book 6: Night Play
Family: wife, Bride McTierny; brothers, Fang & Fury; son, Trace
Designation: Regis; Arcadian Wolf; Sentinal; Aristos
Notes: Regis of the Arcadian & Katagaria Wolves/ son is playmates with Zarek's son, Bob

Valerius Magnus, Roman General
Book 7: Seize the Night
Family: wife, Tabitha Devereaux; brother, Zarek
Designation: Immortal, human
Squire: Otto

Dangereuse St. Richard
Book 8: Sins of the Night
Family: lover, Alexion
Designation: Immortal, shade
Squire: Kellar
Notes: was killed in battle by Stryker/saved from shadedom by Acheron, and now lives with them

Ias, the Alexion
Book 8: Sins of the Night
Family: lover, Danger; Acheron, Simi; his demon, Xirena
Designation: Immortal, shade
Notes: was one of the first Dark-Hunters created/ was the reason the out clause was created for all Dark-Hunters/ was betrayed by his wife; she was to restore his soul, but she dropped his medallion and watched him die/ rescued from shadedom by Acheron; lives with him and Simi and maintains his existence by drinking Acheron's blood/ bestfriends with Kyros

Wren Tigarian
Book 9: Unleash the Night
Family: mate, Maggie Goudeau
Designation: Regis; Katagaria Snow Leopard & White Tiger
Notes: regis of Katagaria Snow Leopard

Ravyn Kontis
Book 10: Dark Side of the Moon
Family: mate, Susan Michaels; brothers, Phoenixv & Dorian; father, Gareth
Designation: Arcadian Leopard; Dark-Hunter
Notes: his first mate (a human) betrayed him and had all the women and children of his pack murdered/murdered by his Pheonix/former Regis/ former Sentinel

Nicholas Ambrosius Gautier a.k.a. Nick
Book 10.5: Fear the Darkness; The Chronicles of Nick
Family: mother Cherisse; guardian, Menyara
Designation: Immortal; half-human, half-demon Malachai
Notes: Kyrian's former squire until discovering his mother's death, committed suicide and became a Dark-Hunter/was Ash's best-friend until Ash found out he slept with his daughter Simi/joined Stryker; shares his essence and powers/

31 octombrie 2011

Vane couldn’t move as he watched the infant girl sitting on Ash’s bent, leather-clad knee while the Dark-Hunter held her there with one large hand on her belly. Dressed in a frilly pink pinafore and black Mary Janes, she was beautiful, with short, dark auburn curls and a plump, angelic face.
Ash held a male doll in his right hand while the little girl chewed on the head of a red-haired Barbie that looked strangely like the Greek goddess Artemis, who had created and ruled the ark-Hunters. The demon sat in front of them holding a blond doll. The demon herself had black hair with a red stripe in it that matched Ash’s hair perfectly.
“See, I knew baby Marissa was quality people,” the demon said to Ash. “Look how she eating the head off the redheaded Artemis doll. Simi needs to teach her to belch fire, then introduce her to the real heifer-goddess herself.”
Ash laughed. “I don’t think so, Sim. Marissa isn’t quite ready for that, are you, sweetie?”
The little girl reached up and placed a wet hand to Ash’s chin as she laughed at him.
Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Vane hesitated. He didn’t relish the idea of a public consultation, but since two of the men were married to modern-day women and Nick was known to date a lot, maybe they could help him out.
“I need dating advice. Fast.”
Ash arched a single brow at that. “I’m useless. I’ve never been on one.”
The three human men turned to gape at him.
“What?” Ash asked them defensively.
Nick started laughing. “Oh man, this is priceless. Don’t tell me the great Acheron is a virgin?”
Ash gave him a droll look. “Yeah, Nick. I’m lily-white.”
“How did you get through life without a date?” Kyrian asked Ash.
“It wasn’t an issue back then,” Ash said curtly.
“Yeah, well, it’s a serious issue to me,” Vane said, nearing them. “Julian, how did you meet your wife?”
Julian shrugged. “My brother the sex god cursed me into a book for two thousand years. Grace got drunk on her birthday and summoned me out of it.”
Vane rolled his eyes. “That’s useless. Kyrian? What about you?”
“I woke up handcuffed to Amanda.”
Vane could work with that. “So I need to get a set of handcuffs?”
“Not on a first date,” Ash said with a smirk. “You’ll scare her to death if you handcuff her.”
Kyrian scoffed. “It worked for me on a first date.”
Ash gave him a bored stare. “And so did having an insane Daimon out to kill the two of you. But I don’t think Vane wants to go that route.”
Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon


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30 octombrie 2011

Every Witch way but dead

Nu e in Cincinnati alta vrajitoare mai dura, mai sexy si mai des pacalita decat vanatoarea de recompense Rachel Morgan care deja isi risca iubirea si sufletul tot incercand sa aduca in fata Justitiei creaturile ticaloase ale noptii. Problema cea mai acuta acum sunt vampirii si demonii...

Dime Store Magic

Paige Winterbourne e o vrajitoare, desi cel mai des arata ca o fata normala de 23 ani care munceste prea mult, isi face griji in legatura cu greutatea, se intreaba daca isi va gasi iubitul ideal. Doar ca a adoptat o fata adolescenta, Savannah, care vrea sa-si aduca mama inapoi din morti prin magie neagra si care are relatii stranse cu o cabala de vrajitori si un semi-demon...

Death's Mistress

Dorina Basarab e un dhampir - jumatate vampir, jumatate on - si singura cale de a ramane teafara e sa isi elibereze uneori furia incontrolabila impotriva demonilor si vampirilor care merita sa fie ucisi. Dupa fericitul deces al unchiului ei nebun, Dracula, Dory s-a intors acasa in Brooklyn, sperand ca viata se va intoarce la normal. Dar au sosit prietena ei, Claire, cerandu-i sa o ajute sa gaseasca o relicva magica, si incantatorul vampirsef Louis-Cesare, disperat sa o gaseasca pe fosta lui iubita, vampira Christine. Curand, ei descopera ca cele doua probleme se leaga; se pare ca vampira Christine e in posesia relicvei. „Exciting and inventive" (Booklist)

Dead Witch Walking

Toate creaturile noptii se aduna in „the Hollows" din Cincinnati, sa se ascunda, sa se tarasca, sa se distreze si sa se hraneasca. Vampirii guverneaza aceasta lume a pradatorilor-devorand-pradatori, iar misiunea lui Rachel Morgan (o vanatoare curajoasa, vrajitoare si cu enorm sex appeal si aplomb) e sa pastreze lumea asta in limite civilizate.

Bound to Shadows

La clubul local al vampirilor, cineva descapataneaza clientela si linistea pe care Gardienii ar trebui sa o pastreze se duce de rapa. Si oamenii, si vampirii se banuiesc reciproc. Riley Jenson (un hibrid rar de varcolac si vampir) incearca sa gaseasca motivul crimelor si sa inteleaga ce vrea principalul ei suspect: Dante Starke, proprietarul clubului.

At grave's end

Cat Crawfield e doar pe jumatate vampir si se bazeaza mult in activitatea ei de agent secret pe ajutorul prietenului ei mort-viu, Bones. Impreuna reusesc sa apere muritorii de vampirii cei rai. Doar ca deghizarile ei nu ajuta prea mult si, mai devreme sau mai tarziu, dusmanii o dibuiesc. Acum insa a mai aparut si o doamna din trecutul lui Bones care e hotarata sa il ingroape definitv. Cat va trebui sa dea frau liber instinctelor ei de vampir pentru se apara pe ea si pe Bones.

Accidental Vampire

Printr-un accident, Elvi Black a devenit vampir, petrecandu-si zilele intr-un sicriu, departe de lumina soarelui si renuntand definitiv la usturoi. Stie ca a fi un mort-viu inseamna mai mult decat a citit in Dracula, dar nu are cum sa isi intrebe prietenii. Norocul ei e ca il intalneste pe Victor Argeneau, un vampir fermecator, tot ce si-ar putea dori o femeie. iar Victor trebuie sa o initieze contra cronometru pentru ca s-a pus un mare premiu pe capul lui Elvi.

Blood Canticle

Lestat s-a intors. Demon si inger, e tentat sa ucida, dar tras inapoi de bunatate, intr-o existenta desfasurata in panteonul creat de Rice: Julien Mayfair (cel care il chinuieste), Rowan (vrajitoare si neurochirurg), Patsy, Quinn Blackwood, Ash Templeton etc. Roman din seria The Vampire Chronicles.

Meredith Gentry

Meredith Gentry - exotica, decadenta, mortala, detectiv particular si printesa sub acoperire, jumatate om-jumatate zana. Printesa Merry, impreuna cu bodygardul ei loial, fuge la Los Angeles ca sa scape de atentia maligna ce i se acorda la curtea zanelor. E insa urmarita de cineva care a mai incercat si in trecut sa o omoare si ale carui intentii sunt, de data aceasta, mult mai inspaimantatoare.

Narcissus in chains

Abia intoarsa in St. Louis din New Mexico unde a avut de rezolvat un caz dificil, Anita Blake, vanatoarea de vampiri, numai de munca nu are chef. Deocamdata se framanta nestiind pe care din cei doi iubiti ai ei sa il aleaga. Dar cand e rapit dintr-un club un varcoleopard, Anita se afunda iarasi in lumea nelegiuita a celor care isi schimba infatisarea si a luptei lor pentru putere. O forta sinistra pare ca urmareste distrugerea licantropilor, iar Anita e ultima lor speranta.

Blood Noir

Jason e varcolac. E de asemena bun prieten al Anitei Blake si, ocazional, iubitul ei. Acum are nevoie de ea nu in calitate de vanatoare de vampiri sau serif federal, ci pentru ca doar ea il poate face sa para un individ normal. Il poate ajuta sa ii spun adio tatalui lui brutal, pe care nu l-a iubit niciodata.

Cadavrul care rade

Harold Gaynor, un cap al lumii interlope, ii ofera Anitei un milion de dolari pentru a reanima un zombie de aproape trei sute de ani. Stiind ca pentru asa ceva va fi necesar un sacrificiu uman, Anita refuza oferta, intrand in conflict cu Gaynor care-si va trimite asasinii pe urmele ei. Dar cand mortii incep sa iasa din morminte, Anita isi da seama ca altcineva a reanimat zombiul lui Gaynor. Anita intra in conflict cu Dominga Salvador, o preoteasa voodoo. O creatura macelareste cateva familii din St. Louis. Anita Blake si detectivul Dolph Storr se ocupa de caz. Un mare ajutor vine din partea unei prostituate, Wanda-cea-in-scaun-cu-rotile. Apare din nou in scena Jean-Claude, vampirul-suprem, devenit intre timp noul stapan al orasului.

Circul Damnatilor

O tanara atragatoare, inteligenta, cu simtul umorului, bun detectiv si intr-o forma fizica excelenta, pentru a se putea lupta cu vampiri, licantropi si alte vietuitoare care de care mai ciudate si mai puternice. Ar mai fi fost nevoie de ceva pentru ca pana si Stapanul Orasului, un vampir suprem rupt din peisajul francez medieval, sa fie sedus de Anita? Inconjurata de fenomene si personaje supranaturale, lucrand intr-un domeniu care are directa legatura cu ele, ea pare uneori ca apartine unei alte lumi, iar alteori, incredibil de umana pentru modul ei de viata. Remarcabil este modul in care autoarea, Laurell K. Hamilton, reuseste sa imbine cu succes elemente de aventura, mister, fantasy, magie, dragoste si horror

Placeri Interzise

Un caz este cel al asasinarii unor vampiri. Dar, pentru acelasi caz, este solicitata si de Nikolaos, stapana vampirilor. Toata lumea il cauta pe ucigas insa exista si cineva care o cauta pe Nikolaos. Apare in scena Jean-Claude, vampir-suprem, de a carui protectie se bucura Anita. Aceasta protectie ii va crea necazuri vampirului, care va fi pedepsit de Nikolaos. Phillip, un dependent de vampiri, va fi si el pedepsit. Relatia dintre Anita si Phillip este descrisa in scene incarcate de senzualitate. Cum va descurca Anita Blake toate enigmele, cum isi va ajuta prietenii si ce se va intampla cu Nikolaos, stapana orasului? Cititorul va afla in ultimele pagini ale romanului.

hahahahaha titua Heifer goddess :P 


*-* Sexy celtic man *¬*

Love Is Possession by ~Elda-QD


Black Dagger SHELLAN

Bella by *AnyaeMarissa by *AnyaeCormia by *AnyaeMary by *AnyaeBeth by *Anyae Forever Remembered: Wellsie by *Anyae
Jane by *Anyae

The Sanctuary


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Anita Blake

Real NameWilliam Jessup Brady
DesignationCowboy Dark-Hunter
Date of BirthAD 8/14/1869
MottoBe good, be gone or be dead.
First Appearance#3 Dance With The Devil (Zarek & Astrid)

About Ash:

"He had been built to please,
and trained to pleasure.

Everything about him from the
sleek muscles that rippled, to the
deep, erotic timber in his voice
seduced anyone who came
into contact with him.

Like a lethal wild animal. he moved
with a primal promise of danger
and masculine power with the promise
of supreme sexual fulfillment. 
  • Dream-Hunter (Dream-Hunter Novel 1) [DH 10.5]
  • Upon The Midnight Clear (Dream-Hunter Novel 2) [DH 11.5]
  • Dream Chaser (Dream-Hunter Novel 3) [DH 11.5]
  • Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter Novel 4) [DH 13.5]

  • Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter, Book 1)
  • Dragonswan (Dark-Hunter, Book 1.5)
  • Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, Book 2)
  • Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, Book 3)
  • Phantom Lover” as found in Midnight Pleasures anthology (Dark-Hunter 3.5)
  • Dance with the Devil (Dark-Hunter, Book 4)
  • Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 5)
  • Night Play (Dark-Hunter, Book 6)
  • Winter Born” as found in the Stroke of Midnight anthology (Dark-Hunter 6.5)
  • Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 7)
  • Sins of the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 8)
  • Second Chances (Dark-Hunter 8.5)
  • Unleash the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 9)
  • Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter, Book 10)
  • A Hard Day’s Night-Searcher” as found in the My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding anthology (Dark-Hunter 10.5)
  • Until Death We Do Part” as found in the Love at First Bite anthology (Dark-Hunter 10.5)
  • Fear the Darkness (Dark-Hunter 10.5)
  • Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter, Book 11)
  • Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12)
  • One Silent Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 13)
  • Shadow of the Moon” as found in the Dead After Dark anthology (Dark-Hunter 13.5)
  • Bad Moon Rising (Dark-Hunter, Book 14)
  • Chronicles of Nick 01: INFINITY (teenage Nick’s book) – June 8th 2010
  • Chronicles of Nick 02: INVINCIBLE (expected release date Feb 1st 2011
  • No Mercy (Dark-Hunter, Book 15)

Valerius Magnus


darkhuters's photo from 3/30/11

Valerius Magnus


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