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1 noiembrie 2011

Dark HuntersJulian Alexander, Julian of Macedon
Book 1: Fantasy Lover
Family: wife, Grace Alexander; brother, Priapus; mother, Aphrodite; children, twins, Niklos James and Vanessa Anne and two other children, son and daughter (have yet been named in the series)
Designation: Immortal, Demigod
Notes: was entrapped in a book as punishment and was to serve as a sex slave to whomever summoned him/ bestfriends with Kyrian

Kyrian Hunter, Kyrian of Thrace, Greek General
Book 2: Night Pleasures
Family: wife, Amanda Devereaux; daughter, Marissa; son, Nicholas Jr.
Designation: Immortal, human
Squire: Nick Gautier
Notes: bestfriend with Julian/mortal enemy, Valerius; Val's grandfather killed him

Talon, Spier of the Morrigantes, Celtic Warrior
Book 3: Night Embrace
Family: wife, Sunshine Runningwolf
Designation: Immortal
Squire: Nick
Notes: bestfriend, Wulf;

Zarek, of Moesia, former Roman Slave
Book 4: Dance with the Devil
Family: Wife -Astrid, justice nymph. Brother - Valerius. Son - Menecaeus (Bob)
Designation: Immortal, God
Notes: bestfriend, Sundown/the son of the Val's father and a slave/frequently brings his son over to Vane's place to play with Trace

Wulf, the Viking
Book 5: Kiss of the Night
Family: wife, Cassandra Peters; descendant, Chris Eriksson; brother, Erik (deceased); son, Erik; brother-in-law, Urian
Designation: Human
Squire: Chris

Vane Kattalakis
Book 6: Night Play
Family: wife, Bride McTierny; brothers, Fang & Fury; son, Trace
Designation: Regis; Arcadian Wolf; Sentinal; Aristos
Notes: Regis of the Arcadian & Katagaria Wolves/ son is playmates with Zarek's son, Bob

Valerius Magnus, Roman General
Book 7: Seize the Night
Family: wife, Tabitha Devereaux; brother, Zarek
Designation: Immortal, human
Squire: Otto

Dangereuse St. Richard
Book 8: Sins of the Night
Family: lover, Alexion
Designation: Immortal, shade
Squire: Kellar
Notes: was killed in battle by Stryker/saved from shadedom by Acheron, and now lives with them

Ias, the Alexion
Book 8: Sins of the Night
Family: lover, Danger; Acheron, Simi; his demon, Xirena
Designation: Immortal, shade
Notes: was one of the first Dark-Hunters created/ was the reason the out clause was created for all Dark-Hunters/ was betrayed by his wife; she was to restore his soul, but she dropped his medallion and watched him die/ rescued from shadedom by Acheron; lives with him and Simi and maintains his existence by drinking Acheron's blood/ bestfriends with Kyros

Wren Tigarian
Book 9: Unleash the Night
Family: mate, Maggie Goudeau
Designation: Regis; Katagaria Snow Leopard & White Tiger
Notes: regis of Katagaria Snow Leopard

Ravyn Kontis
Book 10: Dark Side of the Moon
Family: mate, Susan Michaels; brothers, Phoenixv & Dorian; father, Gareth
Designation: Arcadian Leopard; Dark-Hunter
Notes: his first mate (a human) betrayed him and had all the women and children of his pack murdered/murdered by his Pheonix/former Regis/ former Sentinel

Nicholas Ambrosius Gautier a.k.a. Nick
Book 10.5: Fear the Darkness; The Chronicles of Nick
Family: mother Cherisse; guardian, Menyara
Designation: Immortal; half-human, half-demon Malachai
Notes: Kyrian's former squire until discovering his mother's death, committed suicide and became a Dark-Hunter/was Ash's best-friend until Ash found out he slept with his daughter Simi/joined Stryker; shares his essence and powers/


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