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8 noiembrie 2012

Happy day for me!!!

One of my favourite books all time, The Sea Of Tranquility(an e book untill now) is going to be printed. An amazing book of one of the most talented indie author I've ever read, Katja Millay, will be published by Atria(Simon and Schuster) and will be out by june 2013. 
 I'm so happy for Katja, her talent deserve to be known all over the world. 

If you haven't read this fabulous book it is a BIG MUST READ, as in READ IT NOW! If there were a slight possibility to give a book above 5 stars for rating it, mine will be a gazillion stars :). 

Since first days of october when I've read TSoT (my review), I can't stop talking about it to my friends, because this book consumes me, is addictive :) 

I'm not alone in this struggle  ;)  on FB there is a group for those who loved this book as much as I did, kind of  "support group" to appease our need for TSoT.  

Also you can find more about this wonderful author on her FB page: http://www.facebook.com/katja.millay or those of you with profile on Goodreads you can join her page there:[Katja Millay|6466759]

I love this cover, but the old one will always have a special place in my heart. 
For me, it is the TSoT identity. I hope soon, world will know how wonderful and talented Katja Millay is and her book will get the right place in the hall of fame.

Photo: Ladies....who is looking for a new book to read? Bought this Monday, read it by Tuesday, had to re-read it today. It's amazing. Got a kindle? Only $2.99?! Get it!!

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