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15 noiembrie 2012

Review "Undeniable" by Madeline Sheehan

Undeniable (Undeniable, #1)About book
***Warning*** (This book contains several aspects of the uglier side of life; it is not for everyone.)

The story of Deuce and Eva...

An undeniable connection that stands the test of time.

Unforgettable moments.

Love and pain and everything in between.

I was five years old when I met Deuce, he was twenty-three, and it was visiting day at Riker's Island. My father, Damon Fox or "Preacher", the President of the infamous "Silver Demon's" motorcycle club -mother chapter- in East Village, New York City, was doing a five-year stint for aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon. 

It was not the first time my father had been in prison and it wouldn't be the last. The Silver Demon's MC was a notorious group of criminals who lived by the code of the road and gave modern society and all it entailed a great big f**k you.

"Never forget the day Eva came bouncin' into my up life, shakin' pigtails, singin' Janis, wearin’ chucks and sharin' peanuts and straight up stole any decency I had left which wasn't a whole lot but she took it and I've been hers ever since.”

"UTTERLY DISTURBING!!!  What a crazy, intense, f*** up book! I'm a bit desoriented here with all ups and downs. Looooooove it!  Even at wee hours in the morning, I couldn’t  stop. This ride put me on adrenaline rush.

My  dear friend, D, warned me, but... damn, such intensity could kill a weak heart:) Word building is excellent, story flows beautifully.  This book evoked so many powerful emotions in me and  I enjoyed every minute!!!

I'm stunned how raw and real this story is. I'm not "too much" into men with long hair and bikers tantrum, but how not to? Madeline Sheenhan made sure of that :)

“Promise me you’ll stay that way, yeah?  You and me kid, we were  born in the life, reared by the road and the wheel; it’s what we know and where we belong but that don’t mean it won’t take its toll.  So you promise me, no matter what you see, no matter what sort of f***ed up sh** happens to you.  Don’t let this life turn you bitter.”

 And I hated  it equally, because this book give you a strong shot of reality!!!! 
This book shaked me to reality. There is beautiful love, betrayal, sick and twisted love(Frankie and Chase), saddness, hatred, bitterness, pain  and too much intensity in everything. But, real life is like that, the substance of life, right?  This is a challenge for every reader, takes you to a new level of consciousness.

Excepting the Bikers Club moments, this could be anyone story, a love that didn’t happened overnight and it wasn’t an easy one, a ride about finding yourself, the intensity of your actions and a lifelong friendship ...  

„He’d lost his mind.  None of this should be happening.
 But there it was.
   …the road to hell is paved with good intentions and he’d just bought himself a one way ticket”

And, yes, Deuce is the ultimate jerk, with his agressive language and his attitude of ubber  alpha,  but in his own way he loved Eva and Eva love him back. The story is not an usual one, maybe one at the edge of insanity, but is a lovestory nonetheless, with really ugly parts but in the end with a HEA.

PS I did cuss, a loooooot, loooud and in all languages I know :)

Thank you, D, for this ride! <3
4 stars

I feel this song goes wonderfully with this book

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