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18 aprilie 2013

Review "Drowning in You" by Rebecca Berto

Drowning in YouAbout the book
Secretly crushing
Crushed by a tragedy

Charlee May’s been crushing on Dexter Hollingworth since she was fifteen. Five years later, a horrific skiing disaster at Mason’s Ski Lift Resort leaves her millionaire dad critically injured and her mom dead at the hands of Dexter operating the lifts. Charlee is suddenly the sole caretaker for her little brother while their world falls apart.

Dexter couldn’t be more different from Charlee. He’s tattooed, avoids exclusive relationships and his Dad has a fair share of illegal dealings. With Dexter’s reputation, almost everyone believes he planned the Mason’s skiing disaster.

And after all these years he’s still crushing on Charlee May, the girl who’s too good for him.

When this cruel twist of fate ties Charlee’s family and Dexter’s reputation together, Charlee and Dexter wonder if their feelings are reciprocated, while Dexter discovers his dad is trying to steal the May’s millionaire fortune.

But like an addiction, one look, one touch, one taste—they’re hooked no matter the consequences.

My short thoughts

I got this ARC from the author for an onest review and like so many ARC's this one will get pros and cons :)

I've read "Precise" by Rebecca Berto and I really loved her psychological novella. I've kind of expected this book will be the same way. But, no, this one is about death and the pain brought by it. 

DiY is a heartwrenching story, about two young shattered souls, Charz and Dex, trying to overcome the loss of the loved ones, to bring peace in their life and find the true love.  

And  I felt grief for Charlee and her brother Darcy for their tragedy. 

I really appreciate the way Rebecca Berto develop Dex character and his struggle to push behind he guilt and to accept the love for Charz.

DiY has a great story line, but the flow is missing. Sometimes I was distracted and detached by so many details. I felt sometimes that I've lost connection with the story...

Too many inner thoughts, dragging the story, when the main characters could interact or talk with someone about that problem. There were scenes left hanging and unfinished, awkard moments and the angst in this type of emotioanl stories is not there.

Conclusion? I loved the promising story and I know this author is a talented one, but  THIS book need a BIG edit!

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