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10 august 2012

Amazing places around the world - Royal Palace of Caserta

“The estate at Caserta is a unique creation of the 18th century spirit, which created buildings of great architectural value that fitted well into a natural landscape, in accordance with planning designs […] representing the swan song of the spectacular art of the Baroque, from which it adopted all the features needed to create the illusions of multidirectional spacehe monumental Caserta complex was deliberately created as a rival to Versailles and Madrid […] Its special quality lies in the way in which it it was adapted to the surrounding landscape and incorporated individual pre-exsisting elements into an integrated whole, rather than seeking to modify or ignore it.”  from the UNESCO World Heritage Justification

2 comentarii:

  1. Si de la tine nici un cuvintel???

  2. Nu, pentru ca din nefericire nu am ajuns in acest loc magnific. Mi-as fi dorit, dar...



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