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10 noiembrie 2012

Review "Effortless" by SC Stephens

About book:
After being caught in the middle of a love triangle which led to a devastating betrayal, Kiera pledged to learn from the mistakes she’d made. She was determined to never again inflict that kind of pain on anyone, especially the soulful, talented man who held her heart. But life offers new challenges for every relationship, and when Kiera’s love is put to the ultimate test, will it survive? Love is easy . . . trust is hard

Effortless (Thoughtless, #2)

My thoughts:

The perfect sequel for Thoughtless. Slow start, but nonetheless I love it, a bit more than Thoughtless(my review)! Why? Because I meet a new Kiera, a grown up, a more confident and more determined one. I really don't liked that naive, obnoxious girl, her constant insecurities  made me edgy, but I have to admit that her experiences, her decisions, mostly the bad ones, made her the way she is now. 

And, yes, there where moments when she annoyed me and I really want to shake her, but... I'm positive that my love/hate relationship with Thoughtless stepped to next level:)

And there is Kellan... with his hidden love notes... 

 I hid this one in the hopes that you would find it long after I’m gone. I hope you find this months from now, when I’m still out there, on the road, away from you. I can’t imagine what the time apart has done to us. I’m hoping we’re closer. I’m hoping we’re more in love than ever. I hope you feel the same…because I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you so much. But, if for some reason we’re not closer, if something has gotten between us, please,   I’m begging you…don’t give up on me. Stay. Stay with me. Work it out with me. Just don’t leaveme…please. 

I love you, always, Kellan"

Did I mentioned I love this book? Yeah, so...

Looking forward for book three? I really don't know, because I like the way this one ended ;) But, who can resist to more of Kellan Kyle?  SC,  Bring it on!

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